Little Bird Takes A Bath

When Little Bird finds a good-looking puddle in a city park, one surprise after another spoils his bath. A ball comes bounce-bounce-bouncing. . . . A little girl comes flip-flop-flapping. . . . And a dog comes arf-arf-arfing . . . straight through Little Bird's puddle. But soon, Little Bird finds the perfect puddle to call his own.

Behind the book:

One spring morning when I was pushing my young grandson in his stroller, we came upon a sparrow splashing happily in a puddle. As we stopped to watch, other people kept walking very close to the puddle causing the little bird to fly off. I was surprised at how he kept returning to the same puddle after each interruption determined to finish his bath. My grandson and I continued on our way to the playground and I didn’t give it another thought, but the next day I awoke with an idea for a new picture book.


"...the interconnectedness of nature and city, the consequences of action and play, the sounds and sense of an urban environment make for a really nice story whose words and images repay repeated readings.
Simple and understated—and all the more enjoyable for it."


"...a must-read for storytime; regardless of the weather."

School Library Journal

"Little Bird is a creature of strong opinions (“Little Bird didn’t like rain. He didn’t like rain at all”) who just wants to accomplish one important thing in an environment that offers little control and many obstacles. For Russo’s increasingly independent-minded target audience, that’s pretty much daily life. So when Little Bird finally discovers a right-sized “splashy, swirly” fountain where he can have his bath, it’s no wonder that his faith in the world is restored. When you’re small, little victories can feel very big.”

Publishers Weekly

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