Sophie Sleeps Over
Sophie is looking forward to her first sleepover. She is excited from the tops of her ears to the tips of her toes and has even made a list of all the things she wants to bring over to her best friend Olive's house. But when she arrives, a bunny she's never seen before opens the door, a bunny who introduces herself as "Olive’s best friend.” Sophie considers going home, but doesn’t want to miss the fun of the party. Can one bunny have two best friends?

Behind the book:

Learning to share friends is part of growing up and the whole concept of “best” friendship can sometimes lead to hurt feelings. I wanted to explore the ways that children deal with a couple of difficult emotional issues at once; the anxiety of sleeping over at a friend’s house plus the added insecurity of competing for that friend's attention.


"A charming, emotionally resonant exploration of the oh-so-important concept of "best friend." - Kirkus Reviews

 "Friendship bliss, anticipation, hurt feelings, homesickness—all are familiar to (human) kids and are all conveyed with respect and sensitivity." - The Horn Book

"Sensitive to the challenges of three-person friendships, the well-written text dramatizes Sophie’s emotions with perception and precision. Created with gouache paints, the illustrations make good use of white space and dark, shadowy grays as well as bright colors." - Booklist

All artwork © 1995-2008 Marsabina Russo. . All Rights Reserved. Do not duplicate in any form without permission.