The Big Brown Box
It's a big brown box! Or maybe it's a house with windows and a door. Or a cozy, dark cave. Or a ship on the ocean. But whatever it is, Sam's box is no place for baby brother Ben. There's BIG trouble brewing over the big brown box...until Mama finds a solution that's a perfect fit for everyone.

The New York Public Library
Children's Books 2000
One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing

Behind the book:

My children always loved playing with big cardboard boxes. They created everything using the boxes - from a boat to a movie theatre. When I found an old photograph of them sitting in a box with some of their toys I was inspired to write this book.


“The well-paced, child-centered text is complemented by Russo’s trademark two-dimensional gouache illustrations that realisitically capture the creative play of children. Young readers will relate to the sibling conflict and the resolution warmly encourages cooperation.”
School Library Journal

“With humor but no condescension, Russo captures the preschooler’s intense daily drama…The bright, clear gouache pictures show the joyful imaginative play and the sibling rivalry.”
ALA Booklist


The New York Public Library, Children's Books 2000
One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing

Bank Street College of Education – Best Books of the Year 2000

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