the bunnies are not in their beds
Three little bunnies would rather play than go to sleep. Even after Mama and Daddy visit their room to send them back to bed, the bunnies continue to make noise and mischief. Lots of funny sounds and a rhythmic text carry the story to a sleepy good night ending.

Behind the book:

I began making collages – just for fun - of bunnies doing all sorts of things. One day I showed them to my editor and she encouraged me to write a story about my bunnies. I especially liked one collage of a bunny jumping on his bed. The title came to me right away and then I wrote the story.


“From the inviting jacket…to the last good-night line, the antics of these mischievous cuties will command repeated bedtime readings.”
ALA Booklist

 “Readers will probably respond with a fit of giggles – not only because the mischievous behavior spirals out of control, but also because Russo’s crisply colored and calmly rendered vignettes make such an effective comic foil.”
Publishers Weekly

All artwork © 1995-2008 Marsabina Russo. . All Rights Reserved. Do not duplicate in any form without permission.