Always Remember Me How One Family Survived World War II
On Sundays Rachel’s family always gathers at her grandmother’s home. Rachel loves to look at the old family photo albums with her grandmother whom she calls Oma. One Sunday, Oma decides Rachel is old enough to hear the story of how her family survived Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. It is a story of hope, luck, and the strength of family love.
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Behind the book:
I was the first person in my family to be born in the United States. My mother and her sisters and my grandmother were four Jewish women who managed to survive the Holocaust. I always thought they were very lucky and very brave. Several years ago I decided to start painting pictures based on my mother’s old family photos. After a while I realized I wanted to write the true family story to go with the paintings. ALWAYS REMEMBER ME is quite different from my other picture books as you will see when you read it

"Moving yet unsentimental, this book presents tragedy in the context of family love and hope, thus offering readers a safe context for learning a difficult chapter of history."
*Starred review, Publishers Weekly

 "The book introduces the Holocaust in a simple but factual narrative that can be easily understood by youngsters who have no knowledge of World War II...This offering answers the need for appropriate Holocaust literature for young children and should be considered a first purchase."
*Starred review, School Library Journal

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